After-sale Service

Aeolus Tyre Co, Ltd


Our principle: the consumer comes first and consumer satisfaction is the service standard.

Our target: to increase consumer satisfaction to 99.99 percent.

Our slogan: extend our service everywhere, to the last consumer.

Service standards

1. Language: use proper language that is clear, appropriate, modest, and gentle

2. Attitude: be warm, courteous, cordial, amiable, patient, meticulous, and sincere.

3. Appearance: dress properly, with your uniform and employee's card.

4. Skills: be proficient and experienced but flexible.

5. Qualities: be responsible, serious, with a sense of fair play, and avoid making errors.

6. Work style: be accurate, fast, and efficient

7. Discipline: abide by the law and follow regulations.


Our uniform was designed to improve the company image.


The company holds regular language training sessions and tests for employees and anyone who fails can be dismissed. Employees are not allowed to use such negative remarks as, "I don't know" or "Don't ask me" and must avoid quarreling with consumers. They are to treat the customer warmly.

         Quick, fair, sincere service

Our service is available across the entire country

The company will contact a customer within two hours if anything goes wrong with one of our products and will get the closest service staff or authorized dealer to deal with the problem to ensure quality after-sale services and support the company’s image.


Our service personnel are well trained, professional, and equipped to handle a question about our tires, at any time.

         Improved service


The company holds irregularly training sessions for dealers and claims adjusters of support companies and provides information on tire maintenance free of charge along with related promotional materials.


Free hot line: 400-659-2669

AMVA hot line: 800-883-2550

After-sale tel: 0391-399-9125


After-sale fax: 0391-399-9285

After-sale email:

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