One of China's famous brands and a well-known Chinese trademark.

   A national new, high-technology enterprise.

   China's first tire company with export inspection-exempt certification.

   A "Best Supplier" for Dongfeng vehicles for 10 consecutive years.

   A national model Six Sigma management unit.

   A national model energy-saving, emissions-reduction unit in the petrochemical industry under the 11th Five-year Plan (2005-2010).

   A model state-owned enterprise.

   A Chinese Customs bonded factory.

   One of China's 25 most respected listed companies.

   The first company in the world to have 100-percent green radial- tire manufacturing.

   A green Henan province enterprise.

   The first Jiaozuo City Mayor's Quality Award winner and 2011 Henan Provincial Governor's Quality Award winner.








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