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Distinguished Friends,

In this website, we hope to give you a clear impression of our enterprise and products, an appreciation of our commitment to environmental responsibility, and an understanding the ultimate goal of all our endeavors -- wholeheartedly providing our customers with world-class service and high quality products.

Aeolus Tyre Co, Ltd was founded in 1965, ranking 26th among the world's tyre manufacturers. Our accomplishments are numerous: the first manufacturer to achieve 100% green and fuel-saving radial tyre production, the most popular Chinese brand of TBR in the EU, the preferred strategic supplier of Dong Feng Trucks (the largest commercial truck manufacturer in China), the National resource-saving & environment-friendly excellent enterprises, advanced unit integrating industrialization with IT information by China Petroleum & Chemical Industry, the first manufacturing enterprise with annual turnover of greater than 10 billion RMB in Jiaozuo City.

With the support from many stakeholders, Aeolus is accelerating world-class manufacturing, building a global brand, producing top-grade tyres, and cultivating an outstanding workforce. On this basis, we will continue to grow into a respected model corporation of operational excellence and environment stewardship in China and a renowned enterprise throughout the world.

Supporting you and meeting your ongoing needs will drive our march forward. We have confidence to create a brilliant future together and invite you to share our pride in the Aeolus brand.

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