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Source: 风神股份 Date: 2015-11-28

 Following Philippines' Mr. Tan footsteps in organizing Incentive Tour for dealers, we have organized several Incentive Tours for our dealers. I think this is one of the most effective incentive bonus for our dealers. There is also opportunity to resolve some of the territorial and pricing conflicts among the dealers in a more relaxing setting. Of course, there is also risk that the dealers' conflicts worsened during the trip. However, in our experience, there are more issues resolved than conflicts arising.

  So on the 25th Oct night, 58 members of Aeolus Indonesia team boarded Garuda Airlines to Tokyo. The tour itinerary includes Tokyo & Yokohama city tour and on the final day, we visited the Tokyo Motor Show.  All our dealers are happy with the tour. The trouble is some dealers are already hinting to go to Europe for the next Incentive Tour. I just smile and replied, “If you can sell more Aeolus tyres, Europe sounds like a good destination.”

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