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Source: 风神股份 Date: 2015-11-20

From Nov. 01 to Nov. 18, 2015, one six-person-group of Aeolus Team, under the leadership of Vice GM and Chief Engineer Mr. Feng Yaoling, visited one famous High Speed Crane Manfufacture in Holland and made quality investigation in different countries.

   Aeolus new high-speed-crane tyre enter into the European market successfully with the first order about 300pcs, which not only means Aeolus has made the historical breakthrough in this field, but also means more high-speed crane tyres will enter into the whole world stage in the future.

   In recent years, Aeolus tyre focused on research and development of high speed crane series products. At present, Aeolus company has developed WR12, AR28 typical patterns successfully. Moreover, this series of pattern has superior traction performance, special anti-wearing compound, and provide the superior long mileage, excellent drainage performance and anti-side-skid character, has great low noise and fuel-saving function. Main sizes include 14.00 R24, 14.00 R25, 16.00 R25, 17.5 R25, 20.5 R25 , 385/95R22. 5, 445/95 R25, etc. All those proucts will help Aeolus to develop new markets around the world in the future.

   At last, this team visited Germany、Italy、Slovenia、Belgium to make a lot of quality investigation and benchmark investigation. Those activities will help Aeolus to develop New Generation TBR Tyre successfully in near future.

  Aeolus is an enterprise with a dream, our vision is "world-class Quality, globally-recognized Brand"; Aeolus is our cooperative platform, and we hope and sure all customers' efforts and our efforts will support Aeolus to achieve a high-level target.

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