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Source: 风神股份 Date: 2015-12-10

In the heatof the battle of NBA regular season of 2015-2016, Aeolus Tyre, as the official sponsor of Toronto Raptors, made its perfect debut. This year is the second year since the strategic cooperation between Aeolus and Raptors. We can see Aeolus everywhere in Air Canada Centre and the publishing and reporting at home and abroad.

  In this season, on the basis of keeping of the first team who fought for the eastern championship last season, Raptors signed some defender to challenge the NBA championship, they are DeMarre Carroll, Cory Joseph, Luis Scola. In the leadship of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, the team ta present keeps the first three position in eastern area. Although it is the only team with the home court in Canada, Raptors attracts more and more attention of the NBA fans all over the world. And Aeolus, will make progress together with Raptor to achieve more splendor.

  In 2014, Aeolus Tyre reached the strategic cooperation agreement with NBA Raptors and became the official sponsor. So Raptors will show the logo Aeolus in the around its home court Air Canada Center, and also organize activities to promote brand recognition and influence of Aeolus Tyre.

   As the only team setting its home court outside America, and the youngest team in NBA, since its joining NBA in the season of 1995-1996, Raptors became the most competitive in short time with the presence of several NBA star such as Vince Carter, Marcus Camby, Chris Bush,etc. For now, the team had about 3.2 million fans, and over 1.5 million fans in Social media as Facebook and Twitter. Its home game will be broadcast on air in America and even globally through ESPN and CCTV, which has great social effect.

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